Good Samaritan helping aspiring nurse pursue her dreams gets honored at Jazz Museum

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A special event was held on Thursday for a Kansas City man whose random act of kindness is helping an aspiring nurse pursue her dream. FOX 4 first introduced you to Don Carter two months ago after he organized a national effort to raise money for a complete stranger.

He says that random act of kindness instantly changed his life.

"It's been interesting. It's been fun though," Carter said.

In March, Carter rolled up to the drive-thru of a Kansas City Popeye's, and while he was waiting for his food, he said he was instantly touched by Shajuana Mays' story.

Shajuana, now a former Popeye's employee, told Carter that she wanted to go back to school for nursing, but she felt defeated. Carter is a former Kansas City detective, and the husband and father said he was so moved by the young lady's story that he immediately organized a GoFundMe page to raise money to help Mays soon go to nursing school.

Hundreds of kind people from around the metro, the nation and the world have all opened their hearts and wallets and donated to the Mays fund, that's so far amassed more than $15,000.

Thursday night offered a chance for the community to say thank you and honor the man who says his random goodwill gesture has given him a new meaning of kindness.


"It's really slowing down to be with somebody while you're in their space enough to hear where their heart is, and then inevitably if you hear of their desire or need, it's like a natural human tendency to want to fulfill that," Carter said.