Overland Park man falls prey to thieves using credit card skimmers on gas pumps

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Overland Park police said someone attached two skimming devices to gas pump credit card readers in Overland Park at the Phillips 66 gas station near 75th and Metcalf.

Police said there are at least four victims, but there could be more. If you used this gas station recently, police said you should check your bank statement immediately.

“It actually just came to my attention this morning. It was probably a week ago, and it took me looking at my bank statement to realize that hundreds of my dollars were gone,” said Thomas McCauley, one victim.

McCauley, an Overland Park resident, frequents this Phillips 66 gas station on his way home from work.

He found out today that the money that mysteriously disappeared from his bank was because of a skimmer that someone put in the gas pump credit card reader here.

“I consider myself to be intelligent, aware, and a little bit of a cynic, so I always thought I would be able to recognize one of the skimmer tools, and I can say that I had no idea it was there,” McCauley added.

The credit card skimming devices steal credit card numbers of customers when the customers swipe their cards to purchase fuel. The criminals then use the card to make unauthorized purchases.

“It was on there, and 500 or so dollars of our money was gone, and it didn’t instantly hit me what had happened,” McCauley said.

Overland Park police said they were alerted by a bank that this gas station could have skimmers.

After some investigation, they found a connection between all the victims.

“First thing we do is shut down those pumps, and we’re checking all the other pumps,” said Officer John Lacy with the Overland Park Police Department.

Officer Lacy said there are at least four victims, but says there could be more.

The best way to determine whether or not you’ve been a victim of a has pump credit card skimmer is by checking your credit card and bank statements regularly and report any unauthorized purchases.

“Ultimately, my concern is for people that don’t have as quality of institutions that my wife and I have that gave us our money back so quickly. People need the money for bills, for groceries, etc. So ultimately it can really affect someone’s life not having access to their funds,” McCauley said.

McCauley said luckily his bank covered his fraudulent charges.

Overland Park police ask that you call 911 if you see someone tampering with a gas pump.