Mother terrified after suspect fires shots at her home with four kids inside

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – It was a scary beginning to one metro woman’s Mother’s Day weekend, as she and her kids had to take cover from bullets flying into their home. Police are searching for the suspect who opened fire into the home near 53rd and Garfield.

Tykisha Fullman is spending her Mother’s Day finding new bullet holes in the home she lives in, after a terrifying evening.

“It was just like pop-pop-pop-pop!”

She said she was inside the home near 53rd and Garfield when she heard rapid gunfire. The next thing she knew, bullets started hitting the house and family yelled for everyone to get on the ground.

“Just the feeling of somebody yelling at you, 'hit the ground! hit the ground!' You hear gunshots going off. You freeze up a little bit,” Fullman said.

Four small kids who were sleeping jumped out of their beds and onto the ground. While no one was hurt, Tykisha said her children will be scarred by the experience.

“My kids are not used to being in an environment like this. They're not used to hearing that.”

Tykisha and her family were sickened to learn the suspects shot at their home over a cell phone.

“It's just ridiculous. It's ridiculous.”

She said the suspects believed someone inside the home stole their phone, so two suspects drove up and fired six shots into the home full of kids.

“It's scary. It's real scary to know someone would do that over a phone.”

Tykisha hopes police find whoever pulled the trigger soon. Until then, she said this Mother’s Day she will be holding her kids even closer and is happy just to be alive.

“I feel as though we are blessed.”

Police said the suspects drive a blue Dodge caravan. If you know anything about this, call Crimestoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.