Kansas City assault victim makes remarkable recovery, but police still seek hammer-wielding attacker

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Since being attacked at work in April, Joyce, who asked FOX 4 not use her last name, has healed remarkably well. But the emotional damage has taken its toll.

"I got a text message from one of my coworkers who asked if I had seen the news and Facebook. I responded no, 'what about it?' She said ‘it’s on the news. They have a photo of him.’ I just slammed my laptop closed and I can’t, I can’t go back and look," Joyce said.

The thought of seeing the suspect's face is still too much for her to handle.

"It just brought it all back. It made me relive it and I don’t want to face of the attacker until I know that he is caught," she said.

Joyce was attacked at her job on the Crittenton campus last month. The suspect, armed with a hammer and a knife, attacked Joyce and another coworker. They both suffered serious injuries, including Joyce who has a scar from the top of her eye brow down to her nose.

"I can go out during the daylight hours but I’m constantly looking behind me, to the sides. I feel like I can’t make eye contact with people, but once it starts to get dark, I get back in my home, I turn on all the lights, sit up most of the night, sleep for 20 minutes and this has become my daily routine," she said.

Joyce said she doesn't seek revenge, she seeks peace.

"I’ve been asked many times by many people if they were to catch him and pin him to the ground and put a hammer in my hand what would I do? I still could never, ever do that to anyone." Joyce said.

"I need to know that he is no longer able to do this to anyone. I need to know that I can start putting my life back together without him being able to come and take that away again."

Anyone with information on the suspect or his whereabouts are asked to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.