Yoga poses parents and kids can do together

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Mom and daughter duo Ryann and Ruby joined owner of Jobea Kids, Miriam Zavagninn, on FOX 4 Thursday to demonstrate some moves that are great for parents and kids to do together to help relieve stress.

Back to Back Breathing: A breathing meditation to calm and focus adults and children.  Great to do before yoga or anytime you need a reboot.  For a bit more on the importance of breathing exercises read here.

Seated Double Partner Twist: A detoxifying pose that feels like a hug.  Perfect way to start your summer day and/or when you need a pick-me-up after a hot afternoon.  This is not for pregnant women!  For more on yoga twists read here.

Down Dog & Handstand Prep Combo: Ultimate inversion partner pose can be done with two people or as a group "train" many benefits to being upside down including being a wonderful mood booster!  Read here for more.