City leaders plan enhanced safety measures along Indian Creek Trail in addition to extra police patrols

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police in Kansas City say four people have been murdered near Indian Creek Trail since August, and now, city leaders say they have a plan to confront future problems.

Safety is the KCMO Parks Department's top priority, according to Devin Wetzel, the city's superintendent of Parks and Natural Resources. Wetzel, who was hired for the job only two months ago from the city of Lee's Summit, is part of a plan issued by the Kansas City Council.

City leaders have issued a resolution demanding the city manager's office work with the Department of Parks on a safety plan for keeping park and trail users safe. The council wants that plan in place within the next six months.

Since August 2006, four people have been found dead in the area near Indian Creek Trail in South Kansas City. That includes Mike Darby, 61, a restaurant owner, whose body was found on the trail last Thursday.

"We continue to be out on the trails, and keep them well-maintained and make our checks out there, and if we see anything, we report it to the police department," Wetzel said on Tuesday.

Kansas City Police Spokesperson Capt. Stacey Graves says police are still trying to find Darby's killer, as well as whomever is to blame for the other three murders. Darby was laid to rest during funeral services on Monday.

"We're always looking to see what we can do to increase the safety in the parks. Technology is always increasing. We're always working with the police department, and take recommendations from them," Wetzel said.

Wetzel says his employees haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary on the city's trail system as of late. Capt. Graves says police are still searching for any eyewitnesses to these murders. If there are any existing surveillance cameras along the trail, police aren't aware of them. FOX 4 News visited eight businesses located near the trail area off Wornall Road near I-435, none of which have cameras pointed toward the trail.

Kansas City Police say they've added extra patrols in that area along Indian Creek Trail.