Community center still assessing flood damage after water main break

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A huge water main break forced the Kansas City North Community Center at Northeast 39th street and Northeast Antioch road to close its doors.

Water gushed from the ruptured 20-inch line, but according to Kansas City officials, no customers are going without water because of it.

Employees inside the community center said they aren't sure when those doors will reopen.

A water line ruptured on Tuesday, flooding a Kansas City community center.

All the water has since dried up, but workers have been out all day long working on the fixing the water main break.

“I know when they arrived, the water was flowing quite high,” said Jody Siemer, the Supervisor of Recreation at the community center.

Opening staff arriving at the community center just before 6 a.m. noticed there was a water main break, and went to work.

“We were able to kind of really stop a lot of it. Our district guys showed up quickly and were able to provide us with sandbags and get the doors sandbagged, so any other water that was coming in, we were able to get that stopped,” Siemer explained.

The community center is closed for the rest of Tuesday and classes are canceled until further notice.

Right now, employees said it's kind of a waiting game.

“Some did get in, it's hard to know what the extent of that damage looks like right now. We do have a remediation crew going through, looking, trying to get some of the standing water off the floors, looking at carpet, tiles, that kind of stuff to see what needs to go, what needs to stay,” Siemer said.

They hope to reopen as soon as possible, but said they are still waiting to see the extent of the damage, both inside and outside.

“Our biggest concern is making sure the building is safe and secure for all of our patrons. We don't want anyone to come in or have any potential injury risks, or anything like that, so until the building the building is ready to go and safe,” Siemer added.

Crews are still trying to determine what exactly caused the break.

Siemer said the center's website and Facebook page will be updated as soon as they know when they will reopen.