Python escapes from its home in Ozarks, people alarmed

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Portrait of a python, Australia

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Residents around Rogersville, Mo., (about 3 hours from Kansas City and 30 minutes southeast of Springfield) are being warned to keep their eyes out for a 20-foot Burmese python that’s been missing since the weekend.

The brown and tan python, called SS Wraps, escaped from his cage near Rogersville. Its owner, Ben Trexel, says he last saw his pet on Thursday, when a branch fell through his roof, apparently allowing the snake to escape.

The Springfield News-Leader reports Christian County law enforcement is not involved in the search and doesn’t have an animal control officer. But anyone who sees the python should call police, who likely will call Trexel to help with a capture.

Trexel says friends helped him search throughout the weekend, to no avail.

He says his animal has shown no aggression in the nine years Trexel’s owned him.

Park Director Mike Crocker told Ozark that the python is a constrictor and very dangerous.

“When we handle a snake like this we don’t do it by ourselves. That’s a good way to get yourself in serious trouble or worse,” said Crocker. “When they get a whiff of something they think is food they’re liable to grab anything that moves. Could swallow something the size of a domestic cat or a domestic dog.”

Trexel said he’d be sad if the snake was killed but he says people should do what they have to do. He said he doesn’t want anyone hurt.