Security experts say Manchester attack highlights dangerous trend of violent incidents in unsecured areas

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The shock waves of Monday's Manchester bombing have spread to the United States after 22 people were killed, and many more injured when a suicide bomber detonated a device outside of the arena after an Ariana Grande concert.

"It’s a balance between personal freedom, convenience, and security, and this is what we’ve been fighting for some many years. But this trend has been ongoing, this is nothing new. And the sad part is it may happen again," Anthony Burnside, a security specialist, said.

Burnside, who has more than 20 years of security experience, said Monday's attack is the latest example of a dangerous trend that's happening in unsecured areas outside of venues.

"Venues run into the same problems that airports have which is the sidewalk areas surrounding the venue is unsecured, and now we’re seeing that that must be secured." Burnside said, "It’s an eye opener in the sense that security procedures will now have to change. Like I said some venues are already doing that."

Chris Fritz, President of New West Presentations, oversees security at the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater. He said preparing for threats, such as the one in Manchester, is a must in today's climate.

"It’s real simple, if our patrons come out here and don’t have a great time, they aren’t coming back. If they don’t feel safe and secure they aren’t going to attend our venue or any other venue that doesn’t feel safe and secure. It’s our obligation, job, and priority, that everyone comes in here and goes home safely," Fritz said.

However it is a obligation that Burnside said comes at a cost.

"There’s an old saying that 'you don’t miss your water until your well runs dry,' the same applies to security. Some people just don’t take security until something this tragic happens and then all of a sudden we stand up and take notice," Burnside said. "In this business a one percent threat is a one percent threat and if we can reduce that to the possibility of zero, we’re going to do it. It comes to cost." Burnside said, "How much money is your life worth? Think about that. You get what you pay for."

Statement from Sprint Center: "Without complete details of what occurred at Manchester Arena, there is no way it would be appropriate for any of us to comment. Additionally, AEG’s policy is to refrain from providing comments regarding security plans for our venues, concerts, festivals or other programming."

Sprint Center’s most important priority is the safety and security of our guests, artists, employees and crew. Prior to each event, we evaluate our comprehensive security plans and needs and are committed to creating a safe environment for everyone. We are in regular contact with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners and work closely with them in all matters of security and public safety."

Statement from Starlight Theatre: "At Starlight Theatre, the safety and security of our guests is of utmost importance. We have steadily increased security measures across our venue over the years, and further enhancements will be put in place as needed. Some of these enhancements will be visible to patrons, and others will be working behind the scenes. While we choose not to divulge the specifics of security measures at any particular event, we want the public to know that Starlight employs off-duty police officers (both uniformed and plain-clothed) and private security personnel, and we utilize such tactics as security cameras, gate screening of patrons, and staff training in crowd control and management. Of course, we ask that our guests be vigilant as well and heed this advice – ‘If you see something, say something!'"