City leaders discuss increasing safety along metro trails, including trail where 4 people were murdered

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- City leaders are meeting Wednesday to discuss ways to increase safety along metro trails, including Indian Creek Trail where four people were killed in just 10 months.

By the end of the week the city plans to have 7 to 10 camera installed along the trail, but this is just the first step, they say.

The Police Foundation of Kansas City will pay for the cameras and the city will later reimburse the group.

Wednesday morning city leaders discussed plans to move quickly on trail safety measures.

The Public Safety Committee is set to meet at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the City Council Chamber to discuss other long-term safety measures, including possibly adding a curfew.

The swift push for security comes as police investigate four deaths, all middle-aged men, near the trail since August. The most recent victim, Mike Darby, was killed while walking his dogs near Wornall Road and 103rd Street last week.

Michael Darby

Michael Darby

City Council has issued a resolution demanding the city manager's office work with parks and recreation to come up with a safety plan. The council wants that plan in place within the next six months.