Pregnant Kansas City mom robbed at gunpoint in her driveway, shaking family’s security

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A pregnant mom ended up with a gun to her head in her own driveway. Kansas City police are still working to catch the man who left the woman and her family shaken, without transportation, and out hundreds of dollars.

The woman and her fiancé say the thief got away with $1,400, about a thousand dollars worth of tools, and personal information. More importantly, he stole a family’s peace of mind.

A beautiful neighborhood to raise their growing family; that’s what Melissa Dozard and her fiancé Richard Freeman wanted when they settled in a quiet Kansas City neighborhood near Grandview.

“They have a lot of parks, and we’re from the country so the amount of things we have to do with the kids is really what kept us here,” said Dozard.

However, the family no longer wants to live there.

“Yeah we have to move. We have to relocate,” said Freeman.

Saturday night, Melissa says she had just pulled into her driveway, when out of nowhere a man put a gun to her head, and told her to get out. With the car being the couple’s only source of transportation, Dozard said she pleaded with the man to just take the cash in her wallet.

“Then I told him I was pregnant, and that I needed my car seats, and the stuff that I had, and he said he didn’t care if I was pregnant. He would kill me if I didn’t get out of the car,” said Dozard, who already has two small kids.

She says those kids were sleeping on the couch inside the home as she was being carjacked. Freeman says he felt angry, and helpless when he came outside and saw what was happening, especially since Dozard didn’t want him to get involved.

“I told him to back off because he had a gun and I didn’t want him to get shot,” she said.

“It took everything in my power not to do what any man would do for his woman,” said Freeman .

Police recovered the car a few days later at Belton Inn, nearly seven miles away.

Although it’s still drivable, it could take two weeks for the couple to get the car back while police process it.

As the family looks for a new home, they look to turn the page on this driveway horror, but can they really?

"There`s still not going to be any justice because it`s something she`s going to have to live with for the rest of her life,” said Freeman.

Police have not yet named a suspect.