Dad tracks down FedEx driver after he’s caught swiping cash left under mat on Independence porch

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A metro family said home security footage caught a delivery driver stealing money from their front porch. They posted the video online and it's making the rounds.

The video has been viewed thousands of time. FOX 4 tracked down the family and though they didn't want us to put their names or faces out there, they were willing to talk about what happened Wednesday.

An Independence family expecting a box of candles said they waited for the delivery, but caught the FedEx driver doing something else on their front porch when he dropped off the box.

On home surveillance video the mother saw on her cell phone, the FedEx driver is seen setting a package down. Just minutes later, her daughter comes home for her $60 just to find it wasn't there. A closer look at the video shows the driver pocketing the bills then he walks off.

"Instead of bringing us packages, he’s actually taking out a package!" the woman's daughter said.

"Really, it’s not even over the $60, that’s not what it is. Money is money. It’s just over the fact that you know, you’re supposed to be trusting someone who is bringing you packages."

The dad decided to catch up to the driver with his cell phone camera rolling. He approached him as he got out of his FedEx truck and said: "You know why I stopped you right. You just delivered a package at my house and picked up $60 underneath that mat? I got you on camera."

The FedEx employee gave the man his money back, but the family decided social media was the next step. They posted the whole ordeal on Facebook.

"I think it was a good thing for her to post; that way people do know, because like I said, they go around to everyone. It could happen anywhere," the daughter said.

The family wants the driver fired. FOX 4 reached out to FedEx, which sent the following statement:

“FedEx Ground contracts for and expects the highest levels of conduct from service providers and their employees. We are reviewing this incident and will take the appropriate steps to address this situation.”