Hyde Park residents take pledge to sponsor trees in neighborhood

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You might notice more tree-lined streets in the North Hyde Park neighborhood. Many Hyde Parkers have signed a pledge to sponsor a tree.

Almost four months ago the Heartland Tree Alliance, a program of Bridging the Gap, reached out to residents asking if for their support in planting trees.
Bridging the Gap coordinated everything, and planted a total of 93 trees in Hyde Park alone since this spring.

Residents can sign a two-year pledge to water the tree -- and that`s the biggest burden on the homeowner in front of whose house the tree would be planted.

Bridging the Gap pays for the tree, permit and planting. Residents say it makes the neighborhood look nicer, and it`s more enjoyable having shade for walks outside with kids.

“They had anticipated planting maybe 20 or 30 trees, and ended up with almost 100 planted,” said Slawik Pech, a North Hyde Park Resident.

Many more people have requested trees in front of their property. The contract has been renewed, so we they will continue to plant trees in neighborhoods this next fall.