Northland home of KC’s interim police chief ransacked; KC man charged after fingerprints point to him

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man is facing charges for a home burglary in the Northland that happened April 24 where he's accused of taking items including commemorative badges and KCPD anniversary rings. Thomas Savage III, 19, is charged with second degree burglary, stealing, and he's behind bars on a $100,000 bond.

Court documents say when he allegedly burglarized the home near Northwest 96th Street and North Oak Trafficway, he also took a 55-inch TV, a sound system and several pieces of jewelry worth more than $5,000. Investigators say Savage's fingerprints were found on the window of a vehicle in the garage, and the back door of the home was kicked in and damaged.

The Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners named Deputy Chief David Zimmerman as interim KCPD chief of police while search continues for a permanent chief.

On Friday, Kansas City, Mo., police confirmed to FOX 4 that the home burglarized on April 24th is that of the Interim Kansas City, Mo. Police Chief David Zimmerman, who assumed the position May 20th upon former Chief Darryl Forte's retirement.

The police department said it had no statement about the burglary at the interim chief's home. Police spokesperson Darren Snapp said Zimmerman stated at the last public board meeting that his home had been burglarized.

Before that burglary, investigators say on April 3 that a couple of suspicious events happened involving a blue Ford Focus in other Northland neighborhoods. First, officers canvassed an area around North Jefferson where a resident said two black males had knocked on his door asking to cut his grass, and noticed they left in an older Ford Focus with tinted windows and an "Auto Start USA" sticker on the back window.

Officers were there because a home had burglarized where the rear deck door was forced open, and the garage door had been left open.

A short time later a suspicious vehicle was reported in the 800 block of NW 110th Street where the driver of an older blue car with temporary tags circled the neighborhood several times, and backed into the driveway of a home, but no one got of the car.

Investigators asked for and pulled records that revealed Savage had purchased a blue 2009 Ford Focus from Auto Start at 76th and Metcalf on March 24. Cell phone records revealed Savage was in the area of the burglaries that happened on April 3 and April 24.

Officers arrested him at home on Wednesday. He has only been charged for the burglary that happened on April 24.

Savage faces up to seven years in prison for each charge if convicted, and was on probation after getting a suspended sentence in February for tampering with a vehicle and resisting arrest. He appears in Clay County court on May 30.