Joe’s Weather Blog: Calmer and not calmer (SUN-5/28)

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Wanted to get a somewhat short blog out today on a beautiful afternoon in the region as temperatures edge closer to 80° today. The topic of the blog mostly is why hail forms and details about the giant hail that happened to our south yesterday. More nice weather is on tap for Monday (Memorial Day) before the rain chances come back on Tuesday. During this time of the year, especially for about the next 3 weeks or so…any little ripple combined with enough moisture around the region can create rain…and it will take a little more effort to have totally dry weather in the forecast.


Tonight: Nice with lows down into the 50s

Monday: Great with highs around 80°

Tuesday: Variable clouds with PM storm chances…highs well into the 70s


I wanted to touch on the large hail that fell near and around Adrian, MO yesterday afternoon. The hail was 4-5″ in diameter and caused a lot of damage. I can’t imagine how loud it must’ve been hearing it crashing down. I thought we’d talk about some hail facts to put this in perspective. First a look at the larger hail pictures that I’ve seen…


Pretty serious ice there.

The last time I remember the state getting that giant hail was back in Sept(?) 2010 when there was giant hail in Independence, MO.

The record for the state, in terms of largest hailstone size is up in Linn Co, MO…in particular Meadville, MO with a hail size of 6″. That hailstone was 16.5″ in diameter (around). The stones that fell yesterday seem to be in the 4.5″ range at their largest.

In a report issued a while back from the NWS in St Louis…May is the most common month for large hail in the state. In reports going back to 1955…only about 5 reports of hail 5″+ have been received. Not to say they haven’t happened more times…but IF they did they weren’t reported or observed to begin with.

The national and world record for largest hailstone…occurred in 2010 up in Vivian, SD. That hailstone was 8″ in diameter and more than 16.5″ in diameter. This is what that looked like…it may have been even larger at one point because I believe it had melted before it was brought into a freezer (via wikipedia)

Something that large is falling hard and fast…while the speeds are somewhat unclear…it’s fair to say probably between 105-120+MPH for these super large stones…hail though like what the pictures show in Adrian was probably in the upper side of that because the stones seemed more rounded and overall “aerodynamic”. While the Vivian, SD stone had more spikes to it, perhaps leading it to tumble and rotate more and have more “resistance” as it was falling down. In the end though we’ll never be totally certain. One could surmise as well that the updrafts of thunderstorms to keep this hail aloft was very high as well…probably well over 130 mph…eventually it became so large and as a result too heavy and gravity took over.

If you want to know how hail actually forms in the 1st place…


That was a tangent!

Our weather is going to be fine…Tuesday there will be a weak front coming in from the north…with the heating possible…near 80°..some convection is possible. The lower level wind fields look rather meager and weak so severe weather shouldn’t be too much of an issue…perhaps there could be some very localized 1″ hail/and wind gusts. We’ll see how that comes together…

That’s it for today…wanted to keep this short. No blog on Monday.



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