Lenexa police seek thieves who struck over Memorial Day weekend

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LENEXA, Kan. -- The Memorial Day weekend was a busy one for thieves in Lenexa.

“I would say that’s not the norm. To have three residential break ins over the course of three days,” said Lenexa Public Information Officer Danny Chavez, with the Lenexa Police Department.

Investigators want to know who’s behind a small spike in burglaries. As the department released video of a man who may be involved, they reintroduce a neighborhood safety program to residents. In that program, residents answer just a few simple questions. It’s a move police say could keep them from being victimized.

In just three days time home burglaries have occurred at night in the areas of 89th and Lackman, 80th and Constance, and 86th and Haven. Police haven’t yet said what all crooks got away with.

“It’s concerning if we’re having burglaries,” said Ray Donoho.

He is on the board of the Country Hill Homes Association.

“Great neighbors. We have a nice community here. Everybody gets along. Everybody tries to take care of everything,” said Donoho.

He’s also lived for 22 years near one of the neighborhoods where a break-in happened, and say burglaries there are very rare. He says making neighbors aware is essential, and so is reminding residents of all their options to keep their homes safe, especially if they’re going to away for longer than normal.

“Fill out some contact information, when you’ll be out of town, how we can get a hold of you and we will actually have patrol officers keep an eye on your home periodically,” said Officer Chavez, while speaking about the ease of the city’s vacation house watch program.

The program is offered year-round, and aims to give homeowners peace of mind, knowing someone’s looking out for them.

“There have been circumstances where they find a door ajar or maybe we contact the person who’s there, maybe they’re house sitting and they just didn’t inform us of that,” said Officer Chavez.

While officers are happy to help, Officer Chavez urges folks to also enlist the help of neighbors and loved one. He says have those you trust keep an eye out too, and report anything suspicious. Keep your doors locked remains among the top advice.

Officer Chavez says his department still occasionally hears from people who say they don’t lock their doors.