KC murder victim’s mom tells convicted men they stole her heart, works to help other grieving mothers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Her 6-year-old daughter was murdered at a metro gas station. Only on 4, A Kansas City mother talks about reaching justice for Angel Hooper and her fight to help other grieving mothers.

To anyone who knew her, she was an angel on earth, her name fit her. Angel Hooper was a sweet 6-year-old who loved to sing and be stuck her mom Charity's side like glue.

"I miss everything about her," Charity Guinn told FOX 4's Megan Brilley.

It was in October of 2014. Angel was at a 7- Eleven with her dad, buying bubblegum when shots were fired. The gunmen were Howard Chase IV and Leandre Smith. In court, the two claimed they were shooting as revenge against another group at the gas station and Angel was caught in the crossfire.

"It was devastating to sit back and hear all of the details," Angel's mom said.

Charity sat in court with the two men who took her Angel and looked them in their eyes. She bravely stood up in court and spoke directly to the suspects, telling them they stole her heart.

"All I have left is a pile of dirt. I have to go to a cemetery in order to feel some sort of presence of hers," she said.

The two sat expressionless in court. Friday, Chase was sentenced to life in prison and Smith was sentenced to 23 years.

"I feel like justice was served in my daughter's case," Charity said.

But the fight for justice continues, as Charity and her cousin Ashley have made it their mission to help a long list of other metro moms who too have lost their kids to violence through a group called "Justice 4 Angels."

"Just for a child to go to the store with her father and get some bubblegum and return safely is all I hope and wish for," Ashley Newson said.

Angel's mom is now 5-months pregnant.

"Look at it as my little blessing baby," Charity said.

The baby is due October 11th, just a few days before the anniversary of Angel's death and on that date, family believes a piece of their little angel will be born again.

Click on this link for more information on Justice 4 Angels.