Crossroads coffee shop hosts Comey watch party, offers specialty drinks such as covfefe

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As former FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress Thursday, dozens of people gathered at a Crossroads coffeehouse to watch the drama unfold.

Thou Mayest hosted a self-proclaimed "Comeyunist" watch party.

Customers started asking earlier in the week if anyone knew where there would be a watch party for this moment in history, and Thou Mayest seized the opportunity.

The Crossroads gathering place created some specialty drinks for the occasion. One of the big sellers has been the covfefe, a word created by one of President Trump's recent tweets.

Many Comey watchers ordered a covfefe, which is a coffee white Russian, garnished with a Cheeto.

Some say humor is important to them at times like this, where many can't be proud of what they're seeing.

"I think it’s exciting to gather together because this is something you don’t want to watch alone," said Sarah Shipley, one of the Comey watchers. "It’s a little bit depressing. You want to do it in a group. You want to be inspired by the group and then of course you want to find ways to take action."

The spectacle of a Congressional investigation into the President is something our country hasn't seen in many years, and for millennials in particular, it's bringing people together.

Many feel they can discuss politics in a safe, civil way, within the lighthearted environment of the coffeehouse.

"Coffee can sometimes be this really serious, intense thing," said Bo Nelson, cofounder of Thou Mayest. "We are trying to loosen that up. Kind of in the same way in politics as well. It’s so intense right now we’re just trying to give people a little respite."

With colleges and other schools out for the summer, social media has been a huge driver for watch parties like this one.

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Comey watchers asked where to go and learned about this event on the President's favorite form of communication: Twitter.