Young ladies gear up with Olathe firefighters for Hero Day

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OLATHE, Kan. -- On Saturday, dozens of young women got a first hand look a what it takes to become a metro firefighter. Nearly twenty young women between the ages of 14 and 19 joined the Olathe Fire Department for Hero Day. The girls got a change to learn to fight fires, while also battling their own fears.

Maureen Griffin is one of four female firefighters at the Olathe Fire Department. "It is a family. These are my brothers. I have three sisters obviously within the department as well, but it is just a huge family and they treat me like a sister. They have my back," said Griffin.

Griffin started with the Olathe Fire Department five years ago after staying home to raise her own son and daughter. She used Hero Day as an opportunity to show her own daughter what it takes to work in this male-dominated field. "I think for them it is just an opportunity to see that they can do it," said Griffin.

The girls practiced search and rescue drills, bunker gear drills, and worked to build problem solving and team building skills.

Some of the girls at Saturday's event will continue on in the department's Explorer Program.