Kansas City mom’s frustrations at a fever pitch after she’s left without hot water for two weeks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "I'm so stressed out right now. I can't do nothing. I can't cook, I can't bathe my baby and his sister. I can barely clean up my place. Boiling water to clean up is not the way you're supposed to live," said a infuriated Essence Gordon.

"I probably stink right now and I'm sorry if you can smell me, but I haven't bathed all day. I just want to wash my hair!" the 30-year-old mom shouted during an interview Monday with FOX 4's Robert Townsend.

Gordon says minutes after she moved into the section eight townhouse near Chestnut and East 31st Street on June 1, she instantly learned the three-bedroom unit didn't have any hot water.

"My uncle walked into the kitchen, open the door where the hot water tank is located and we all immediately smelled gas. I ran outside. After talking to the property owner, Mike Beckner, he told me that Missouri Gas Energy shut off the gas to my place due to a gas leak, that was on June first and now it's been almost two weeks and I'm still having to live like this?" said a frustrated Gordon.

Gordon says she's run out of patience because she says the property owner offered her another townhouse to stay in, but she says she turned it down because it was "unsanitary."

"That place he wanted to put me in with my babies is infested with mold, and, then Sunday the Property Manager said they could put me up in an apartment. Problem is that apartment is two blocks away and I don't have a car and I recently injured my hip in a car crash, so I can't do all that walking with my baby and daughter," added Gordon.

FOX 4 reached out to the property manager at Justin Place Apartments and Townhomes. Mike Beckner says he had hoped to have a contractor at Gordon's place by late Monday or Tuesday to repair the problem.

"Well, no one came out here Monday night. Section Eight shouldn't have never passed this inspection on May 30th only to come back out here on Monday and give it a failed inspection due to the fact that I don't have any gas. If they don't fix it by Friday then I'm probably going to just leave, and, yes I will be calling a lawyer," said Gordon, who in the meantime, continues to boil her water.