Low-flying helicopter startles residents living near Weatherby Lake

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WEATHERBY LAKE, Mo. -- Police and sheriff's deputies questioned the pilot of a helicopter who startled residents by flying very low over Weatherby Lake on Monday night.

Residents and police say the chopper pilot flew at rooftop level and then landed just west of the lake. FOX 4 crews were on scene when it took off again.

The Platte County Sheriff's Office says that the landing was intentional and part of some pilot training, but what happened was enough to alarm residents living near the lake, one of whom called 911. Others described to FOX 4 what they saw happen.

"I was parking my boat, then all of the sudden I saw this big fly by of the helicopter and it was low. It was like 35 feet off the ground. It was super low and it dove. I`m like 'oh my God, am I going to have to do a rescue here?" said Kim James at the Weatherby Lake Yacht Club.

There were no reports of injuries or property damage on Monday night.