Apology to former Kansas City Chiefs player ends legal dispute over NYE party gone wrong

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An apology nearly two years in the making ends a dispute over a New Year's Eve party that left hundreds of party goers demanding refunds, and for some, their coats.

The party, promoted by the now defunct KC Connections, used former Kansas City Chief Joe Perez to promote the event on New Year's Eve 2014. But "Hangar 9" at the National Airline History Museum ran out of food and drinks, and some who checked coats never got them back.

In a lawsuit filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, Perez says the fallout damaged his reputation and business. He says a separate deal with the Airline Museum was done behind his back, and that the museum denied him access to the party when things went wrong. That agreement made the event a fundraiser for the museum, located at Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

Perez says he stepped up to take the heat in public, but as a result was publicly damaged. In his lawsuit Perez alleged he was not only denied access to the event but also to funds, so he was unable to help make any refunds.

The notarized letter of apology notes that Perez stepped up to handle complaints, but admits Perez's "business ventures, personal life, and reputation were attacked publicly." The owners apologized, saying in the latter "we are sincerely sorry."

Perez says he received no money from the event or the legal settlement. In a statement he says the goal of his lawsuit was to "bring the truth to light and provide answers to those affected by the unfortunate events of that evening."

He made this statement:

My goal in pursuing legal action was to bring the truth to light and provide answers to those affected by the unfortunate events of that evening. Since the day this happened, I have felt an overwhelming sense of obligation to fulfill my responsibility to the attendees by providing an understanding of what transpired that night. I realize this doesn’t erase what happened or minimize the impact of those negatively affected by the evening and its aftermath. I hope this provides some answers that, regretfully, I could not provide at the time due to issues that were out of my control.”