Tractor-trailer driver crashes, damages trees and vehicles in Blue Springs motel parking lot

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Missouri Highway Patrol troopers are investigating a crash that happened Wednesday afternoon that left some motel guests stunned.

The crash happened just off of I-70 near Blues Springs. Folks visiting the Super 8 Motel on Northwest Jefferson probably never expected to see part of a semi-truck resting on top of a pickup truck. However, that's what they saw and more.

At first glance the scene of the crash looked like the work of a heavy spring storm.

"Pretty chaotic, a lot of damage. Could have been worse," said hotel guest Brian Rice.

There were trees toppled onto cars, busted out windshields, and a pickup truck crunched underneath part of a semi-truck.

"My boss was standing there, and he said 'no, don't go over there. Your truck is under there. It will be fine,'” said Jim York.

Highway patrol investigators say something other than a storm is responsible for the mess.

"Westbound tractor-trailer ran off the road, climbed this hill, went through some trees, and then overturned on cars," said Trooper G.L. Billings.

The damage it caused is significant.

"You can see where trees were struck by the actual tractor-trailer, then the trees were thrown on to the vehicles that were parked here," said Trooper Billings.

No one was hurt, including the tractor-trailer driver.

"Very lucky. Very lucky. It occurred at rush hour at 16:30 hours. The stars were shining on this person," said Trooper Billings.
"Luckily people are safe. That's the main thing," said Brian Rice.

It’s also lucky that Rice just happened to move his car to another parking spot when he did. He says his car would have been in the path of the damage, had he not decided to move his car to a spot closer to the entrance, 5-minutes earlier.