Excelsior Springs man brings joy to others with dollhouses and hugs

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EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. -- A hug for a house -- that's all one Excelsior Springs man wants in exchange for hand-built dollhouses.

"There ain't no amount of money in the world that can buy that," dollhouse builder Earl Hurshman explains.

Hurshman started creating doll houses inside his Excelsior Springs home after his wife passed away in 2011.

While visiting her grave, Hurshman suddenly knew what he wanted to do next.

"It hit me right then: build doll houses for needy children. I went straight from the cemetery to Hobby Lobby and bought my first kit."

Over the years, Hurshman has given over $50,000 worth of dollhouses to families. He uses almost all of his social security payments to pay for the dollhouse supplies.

Now he's also donating his personal belongings to help those in need.

Hurshman recently surprised an Army Veteran by giving her his old car.

"He's very, very special."

Nilene Marion was brought to tears after learning she was going to take Hurshman's car home.

"I'll never forget him. Never, never, never." Marion said through her tears. "I can't do this. Mr. Michael, I need some more tissues."