Food truck in KCK making its rounds to ensure local kids don’t go hungry this summer

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Free meals are being delivered using a food truck this summer to children who otherwise would go without lunch.

Bethany Park is one of four stops that the truck makes to prevent kids from going hungry.

Many families in this school district limit how much food they buy so they can pay rent or other utility bills.

When their children are in school, they're used to getting a free or reduced price lunch.

During the summer they are more likely to go without eating.

KCK 7th grader who designed new food truck for Summer Food Program says design was inspired by her brother

Thanks to a partnership with Healthy Communities Wyandotte, the new food truck expects to feed about 4,000 people 18 and younger across KCK.

"It’s just down the street which is such a cool concept," said Jessica Sechrest, a registered dietitian with KCK Public Schools. "Food trucks are booming right now so if we can incorporate that concept into our local communities where they don’t have to walk one or two miles to those food trucks or those summer sites that would be nice."

There's even a grant that will pay for meals for parents during the summer.

The food varies each day but often includes chocolate milk, fruit and cheese sticks.

In addition to the mobile deliveries there are 45 locations around Wyandotte County where children accompanied by their parents can get a free breakfast or lunch.