Gang targeting women at Johnson County pools and dog parks

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. -- Women at Johnson County pools and dog parks were victimized by the Felony Lane Gang over the weekend.

The gang with Florida origins got its name because of the outside lane of the bank they’d often use to wipe out bank accounts. They target women and their purses, and were last spotted in Leawood and Overland Park.

Lizzy Leech visited the pool with children at Leawood City Park Thursday.

"I left my purse in my car, I tried to hide it," she admitted.

Lance Smith says his wife did the same thing Saturday at the pool and thought nothing of it when she locked the door behind her.

"Especially in a place like Leawood, which is considered pretty safe we were parked right there in the front row," he said.

But now there's a shattered sense of security and car windows at pools and dog parks across the county. Johnson County Park Police confirmed Felony Lane Gang broke a window to get into a car at Stoll Park and are trying to determine if two similar crimes at Shawnee Mission Park could also be connected. Two women, including Smith's wife, had their cars broken into at Leawood City Park.

"She`s had all her company credit cards stolen, insurance cards, the license. She's trying to get all that taken care of, but it definitely puts a halt on your life," Smith said.

The Felony Lane Gang Task Force has been tracking the gang's movement across the country, and according to their Facebook page, they prey on moms, especially those in affluent areas.

"They are predominantly looking at parks and places where someone might take their purse to, take their wallet to, but not have their wallet on them. The other place that`s been hit a number of times is daycare centers," Leawood Police Capt. Brad Robbins said.

The Felony Lane Gang Task Force released photos of the suspects after they used one of the victim's credit cards at a local Walmart. Since the gang is constantly on the move, police say they are tough to catch.

For now police are warning women to keep their purses with them or leave them home if you are going somewhere the purse is inconvenient.

"You may lock your doors but that`s not safe. Car glass windows are not going to deter anybody," Capt. Robbins said.

"She`s probably going to do a little bit better job keeping her stuff with her. She has a purse but she has a wallet she can put most of her stuff it in. So if its a matter of just grabbing the wallet and leaving the purse that`s probably what she`s going to be doing," Smith said.

Police say crimes like these have really picked up the past couple years, but the task force says so have their efforts to catch the gang behind it. They are working with 400 agencies across the country to try to figure out where they'll strike next.