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Independence mom says police arrived just in time to thwart home invasion

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Three people are in custody after police said they went to a woman’s house with guns and started banging on her doors. The mother said she is just happy the trio did not get inside.

Ashley Rogers, who lives on North Union Street, said she doesn’t know the suspects and is having trouble sleeping at night since the terrifying incident.

“The people had gotten out and they had guns so I hung up and I called the police and they were banging on my door telling me I need to get out, and to let them in,” Rogers told FOX 4.

According to the police report, two men and one woman were taken into custody after the incident. FOX 4 will update you with their names when formal charges are filed.

“The two males were saying that they knew someone was inside and that I need to open the door,” Rogers said.

She told FOX 4 she is just relieved her young daughter was not home at the time. She said the incident happened shortly after 1 a.m. on Tuesday.

“You scared me and my life is not even the same, it’s hard for me to sleep you know, thankfully my daughter wasn’t here because she would be very scared,” she said. “I just don’t ever feel like I am going to be the same because of it.”

Rogers said she called 911 and believes police sirens are what spooked the group, because they suddenly jumped in a car and took off. She said police offers caught the group before they got far.

According to the police report, weapons and zip ties were found inside the suspect vehicle.

“I don’t feel safe at all by myself, it’s really hard for me to sleep at night now,” Rogers said.