Joe’s Weather Blog: Pretty darn nice weekend ahead (FRI-6/23)

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A really nice afternoon out there as I type this blog up. Dew points (which help us determine the amount of moisture out there) are dropping. Typically (and as we’ve seen for the last week or so) those are in the 70° range…but this afternoon they’re dropping into the 50s and may come down a bit more later today into the overnight hours. What this will do is set the stage for cooler mornings and pleasant afternoons through the weekend.


Tonight: Clear skies and cooler. Lows down into the 50s!

Saturday: Nice day with highs around 80°. NW winds of 10-20 MPH

Sunday: Mixed clouds and sunshine with highs around 80°


Well today’s visible satellite picture tells a nice story…as you can clearly see how the better and thicker clouds producing at least some rain are now moving away from the area…

Also simply looking out side…and noticing the bluer skies and the lack of “haze” and you can tell that a different air mass is in place right now.

The 1PM surface map paints an interesting picture…notice the 100-105° heat in the SW part of TX…then there is the thicker humidity (dew points in green) in AR/OK/E TX and finally there is the perfect late June weather in the Plains…and with north winds pushing that cooler and drier air southwards.

That’s why I’m pretty optimistic our temperatures will be below average for a few days. As a matter of fact notice how the temperatures have changed over the past 24 hours…especially in the Plains region. This map is via Penn State. As of the 1PM hour there are some 15-25° drops compared to yesterday at this time.

Rain chances don’t look great…I’m still a bit leery with us in NW and WNW flow aloft that some weird ripple may increase our clouds and create some showers Sunday somewhere (or Monday) but nothing solid is showing up at this point.

Meanwhile the combination of lower humidity and cooler temperatures should allow some pretty good evaporation. Which means the grass will be drying out rather quickly and despite the rain from the past week…you may need to start dragging the sprinklers around, especially early next week.

Model data isn’t the greatest with these scenarios in NW flow events. Right now there are some suggestions of showers/storms around the area sometime Monday…then especially later next week. Odds are we will get some rain next week…however the timing is a no confidence thing right now.

The cooler temperatures will continue into Monday…Tuesday (depending on the rain situation) should start a warm-up and then we’ll get back into humidity later into the week, especially Wednesday.

Meanwhile in other weather news…the month of June is another warm one…we’ll chew away on this a bit over the next 5 days but through yesterday we’re running more than 3.5° above average and with the exception of the southern US…there’s once again a lot of warm air this month around.

Interesting to note as well…this is the 5th warmest start to the yer in the KC area…3rd warmest on Downtown KC. Here are the rankings…Cleveland., Louisville and Lexington, KY are going through their warmest starts. St Louis, Columbia and Springfield, MO are going through their 2nd warmest start to a calendar year.

Meanwhile farther west into the Plains…Salina is having their warmest start to a calendar year…

That’s what happens when you really don’t have a winter I guess.

That’s it for today…can’t really think of much more to write about actually…nice weather out there doesn’t exactly lead to interesting weather blogs.

Our feature photo comes from Sue Newell Holbert of a sunset earlier in the week along the Kansas River

Have a great weekend.


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