New police station reflects Northland need with 77-percent more space

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Northlanders and city leaders are celebrating the opening of the new police North Patrol station.

Those who live north of the river say they need more officers to serve and protect them.

This new station replaces the old bumblebee building that many know on Barry Road. That old station opened more than 40 years ago with only 15 officers. Now there are 95 in North Patrol.

With 77 percent more space than the old station, the new North Patrol was designed to accommodate the surging population in the Northland.

For years those who live north of the river have complained about not getting their fair share of city services.

This $9-million project recognizes the importance of the growing tax base here.

There may not be a lot of violent crime compared to other areas of Kansas City, but crime victims in the Northland still expect a swift police response to their calls for help.

"I live in the Briar Cliff area, we had a couple of incidents," said Janet Kenny of Northland Neighborhoods. "I talked with Major Lewis at one of our meetings and the next day he had a patrol officer up in our area to resolve the issue. That officer emailed me and said any more issues just contact me and we will be there."

The North Patrol division covers the largest area of Kansas City. If it were it's own city, it would be the second largest in the state based on size. So those 95 officers have a lot of ground to cover.

And getting around is not as easy up here, particularly going east and west. Some city leaders say improving the road network will also help police get to calls quicker.