Problem Solvers help metro church resolve massive MGE bill acknowledged as a mistake

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A metro congregation received a massive natural gas bill, one it knew couldn't possibly be correct. But there's good news for the church in Independence worried that it would have to close its doors -- all because of gas bill 25-times the normal amount.

Church deacon Eldon Prawl of Missionary Baptist Church was shocked when he saw the $2,597 bill. He called FOX 4 Problem Solvers for help when the gas company told him it would not be able to investigate the problem "until after" the bill was due.

After Problem Solvers got involved, Missouri Gas Energy told the tiny church it could ignore the huge bill until it determined whether there was a mistake. On Wednesday, Mr. Prawl said the gas company acknowledged that the bill was definitely a mistake.

Although MGE never explained to FOX 4 exactly how the error occurred, Mr. Prawl says he was told the outrageously high bill may have been linked to a misreading of a new meter that was installed at the church in May.