After knocking down bricks by hand for several days, crews finally begin demolishing burned furniture store

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Crews began demolishing Friday's Only Furniture Outlet Thursday morning.

Heavy machinery was brought in around 7 a.m., and demolition got underway close to 8 a.m.

Crews have been at the site over the past several days knocking down bricks by hand to prevent the demolition from damaging nearby buildings.

"We need to do this by hand because we don't want the walls to kick out and fall on the roof of the north and the south building," said Chuck Cacioppo, Jr., President of Industrial Salvage and Wrecking Co. "Also, if we start calling them down with the track: one wall could go one way the other wall could come and work and it could cause a lot of damage. So we do it by hand so we can control the walls."

Two walls of the warehouse are connected to other buildings, so crews are knocking bricks inward from the adjoining walls so they don't damage those buildings.

Crews had to level the building to the same height as the adjoining buildings before they could demolish the burned out building.

Friday's Only Furniture Outlet caught fire the Tuesday after Father's Day. The cause of the three-alarm was officially deemed undetermined, and the building was placed on the city's list of dangerous buildings. No one was psychically injured in the fire.

The fire quickly became a three-alarm fire.

Friday's Only Furniture

Firefighters chose to fight the fire at Friday's Only Furniture from the outside because there were concerns the building was unsafe to enter.