Chillicothe drug bust leads to arrests of nearly a dozen suspects accused of selling near schools

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CHILLICOTHE, Mo. -- Nearly a dozen people are behind bars Thursday following a drug roundup in Chillicothe, some of them charged with selling or dealing near schools.

FOX 4's Megan Dillard was there for the arrests, and one woman wasn't very happy to see our cameras.

Sharon Phillips was one of nearly a dozen people arrested and charged as part of Thursday's large drug bust.

"These people are delivering and selling this stuff right near our kids and in our neighborhoods," Chillicothe Detective John Maples said.

"I’m shocked that it would be here on this street," shocked neighbor Kitty Wilson said.

Phillips' house is just blocks away from two different schools, and even though kids are on summer break, illegal activity in the area is not something police are taking lightly.

"We definitely put a dent in the drug distribution around here," Det. Maples said.

He added that several agencies worked together, including the Chillicothe Police Department, the Livingston County Sheriff's Office, and Brookfield Police Department. They served 30 warrants for a wide range of drugs.

"Right now in Chillicothe we see a lot of controlled pills being sold, used, and a lot of methamphetamine," said Det. Maples.

Police said getting offenders off the streets directly affects the community's future.

"We have to get ahold on it so that way the younger generation is not growing up and doing the same thing," the detective said.

He also said Chillicothe is a good area and that Thursday's police efforts are ultimately part of a bigger picture: "Once we work on the drugs, other crimes go down as well."

The people served or arrested Thursday are facing possession, distribution, or delivery charges. Click HERE to read the press release from Chillicothe police, which includes names and charges of those involved.