Hundreds of homeowners in northern Missouri endure deluge of rain with more expected before weekend

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MARYVILLE, Mo. --Thursday was a day people living near Maryville would rather forget. Nodaway County's director of emergency management says some neighborhoods got as much as 10 inches of rain in about 15 hours from storms that sat in the area on Wednesday night.

The area began to dry up on Thursday, but for how long? FOX 4's Chief Meteorologist Mike Thompson was among the weather professionals who expected skies over Nodaway County to cloud up again over Thursday evening into Friday morning. That will arrive on the heels of rainfall that's left hundreds of homeowners with wet places to live.

Megan Calfee says she checked her family's basement on Maryville's north side around 10:30 on Wednesday night and everything was fine. Ninety minutes later -- it was a completely different story.

"Eventually, it made it six inches. It was over my husband's ankle," she described.

Calfee says it soaked the downstairs living area of her family's home. Water flowed from a pond down a hill across the street -- when it pooled up in the carport -- the weight of the water actually bent their garage door.

"We heard the creaking and the groaning and the moaning, and found out the garage door started bending," she said.

Water is making an impact all around Nodaway County. Christy Forney -- the local emergency operations manager -- told FOX 4 news all of the area's rivers are high -- including the 102 River -- which has poured onto this section of State Route U. That leaves people like Calfee bracing for another sleepless night.

"When you put it into perspective, we still have a roof over our heads, we still have our lives," she said. ‚Äč

Calfee says if the rain comes hard and heavy again -- she's reaching for sandbags -- as she tries to repair the first round of harm to her home.