Metro county customers endure long wait for restored cell phone service following severe storms

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ARCHIE, Mo. -- It’s hard to imagine not being able to use your cell phone for an entire day, let alone an entire month. But that’s exactly what hundreds of people in Bates and Cass counties say they are dealing with.

Amy Underwood and her boyfriend run a small business on Main Street in Archie, serving up locally raised natural beef. But doing business has been less than easy the past month.

“Customers cannot call you. And if they do, the phone cell signal drops,” said Amy Underwood, sales manager with Red Tail Ranch Beef.

Because of problems with a local cell phone tower, customers in the area say they can’t even reliably call the phone company to find out what’s going on and when the problem will be fixed.

The problem started after severe storms damaged at least one AT&T cell tower near Archie, but that was back on May 29. And ever since, customers have dealt with either spotty service or no service at all.

“It’s very frustrating,” said Underwood.

It’s especially concerning as a small store, where clients like to call in and place orders. So the owners at Red Tail Ranch are doing their best to keep up through Facebook messenger. But not everyone in the area has internet access. That’s leaving Amy Underwood worried about losing business, and worried for the safety of her customers.

“We pay our bills. We’re running businesses. We have families. Some are ill. People need to get a hold of each other, and they should care as much about us down here as they do for the business they have in the city,” Underwood said.

Underwood has heard the tower could be fixed July 6th. But she’s not holding her breath.

“You need to do your job. You have a job. I have a job. Get down here and get it fixed. It’s ridiculous,” said Underwood.

FOX 4 reached out to AT&T. The company tells us service issues have been happening over the past month and that, “Some customers in the Bates County area may be experiencing issues with their wireless services. Technicians are on site and working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.”