Violence strikes again on KCATA bus as 25-year-old man is stabbed

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 25-year-old stabbing victim is undergoing surgery Thursday after sustaining a serious injury to his stomach.

Police say the victim and the suspect were on a KCATA bus somewhere between 40th and 43rd heading north on Prospect when there was a scuffle that occurred near the bus driver.

The victim was stabbed in the abdomen.

Police say they found the suspect, an older man, near 40th and Prospect.

It is not clear what they were fighting about.

Earlier this month, a fight on a KCATA bus sent a man with a knife through the windshield. One person ended up with stab wounds.

A fight on a KCATA bus June 10 sent a man flying through the windshield.

At the time KCATA said they only have about 15 or so violent incidents such as this a year, many of which aren’t nearly extreme as that fight.