Airport satisfaction survey provides more ammunition for those wanting to replace KCI with new airport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As Kansas City officials continue to discuss the possibility of building a new airport, several national surveys are chiming in and their opinion of our airport is not good.

So many Kansas Citians say they love the convenience of our airport, being able to go from the curb to their gate in just a few steps --but we might be the only ones giving KCI high marks.

The most recent airport satisfaction survey by JD Power shows KCI is in the bottom ten when it comes to mid-size airports. They surveyed more than 38,000 people and asked them to evaluate all the airports they had visited last year, ranking them on six factors: check-in, security check, food, beverage, retail and baggage claim.

For mid-sized airports, the worst airports, in order, are Cleveland, Kahului in Hawaii, and Hartford, Conn. KCI came in at eighth worst.
Of the 34 airports ranked, Indianapolis came out on top.

Bloomberg also has little love for KCI, ranking it the 15th most frustrating airport. As for why KCI ranked so low, respondents to these surveys said a large number of flights did not leave on time, and there were not a lot of options when it comes to retail, food and drink.

Others are frustrated with how it can quickly get cramped and crowded when busy flights are getting ready to leave or arrive.

While these surveys provide more ammunition for those wanting a new airport, it will be Kansas City voters who decide at the polls whether to keep it the way it is or build brand new.