A favorite Kansas City ice cream shop to serve Burnt Ends Barbecue Ice Cream

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City ice cream shop is serving up scoops of what might be the perfect ice cream flavor for Kansas City.  Would you 'dare' to try Burnt Ends Barbecue Ice Cream ?

David Friesen, Betty Rae's Ice Cream owner, said he has wanted to create and sell a barbecue ice cream since he opened a few years ago. He has spent lots of time and tried out several recipes, trying to come up with the 'right one'.

At last, he thinks he has it.

His new flavor goes on sale on Sunday, July 16th. It's made with barbecue sauce and burnt ends from Joe's Kansas City.

The ice cream is a sweet cream base, with ribbon swirls of caramel, flavored barbecue sauce, plus bits of burnt ends that have been candied in brown sugar.

"So what you have is a sweet cream base that's nice and neutral, then a barbecue sauce swirl that kind of pops, with a lot of tang but then a caramel sweetness, and then these nice crunchy smoky burnt ends in there. It's really delicious," said Friesen.

Friesen hopes it doesn't stop here. He'd like to experiment with a barbecue sauce and chocolate combination.

"I still want to figure out how to work pickles in there somehow, but this is what we ended up with," he said.

Watch in the video above for the reactions from a couple of early customers.

"They have no reference point so it's totally new, and when they try it, you can see that experience on their face and they just love it. It's really great."

Betty Rae's is located at 7140 Wornall. Click here for their website.