KC City Council will vote on whether to approve plan to expand QuikTrip on Westport Road

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A fight between a local neighborhood and QuikTrip will come to a vote Thursday afternoon.

KC City Council members will decide whether to allow the convenience store to expand its store on Westport Road.

QuikTrip bought a building next door with plans to tear it down and put a new store there. They want to put the gas pumps where the current store stands, and Mercier Street would become a part of their parking lot. It would technically remain a street, but QuikTrip says it would blend in seamlessly, and motorists would drive through the parking lot to get to Westport Road.

But some neighbors don’t like this idea. Those opposed to the proposed plan want Mercier Street to have sidewalks, curbs and trees.

"It's a public street, and the city is just willing to give them our public street and that is the basis for the whole problem," said Julie Tenenbaum, Vice President of the West Plaza Neighborhood Association. "We don't want to give up that street. That's ours. Taxpayers have paid for that for years."

QuikTrip is opposed to that because they say those physical features would split the pumps from the store even more.

Neighbors have expressed their concerns to QuikTrip but argue the company is not listening to them and is unwilling to compromise on this issue.

"We thought we were negotiating with them," Tenenbaum said. "They were very pleasant to deal with, but every time they came back and said nope, we can't do that. So essentially they wasted our time for, well since last October."

QuikTrip officials tell Fox 4 they’ve met with the West Plaza Neighborhood Association more than ten times and have incorporated 11 of their ideas into their latest plans.

In a statement to Fox 4, they wrote, “We have found a way to allow the apartment building to remain and keep Mercier Street accessible by vehicles and pedestrian traffic. In addition, we have or will plant over 70 trees. We sincerely appreciate the efforts by the neighborhood and city officials to bring the best plan forward.”

But some argue the store is ignoring the dangers of having a street run through a parking lot.

"I don't want QuikTrip to go away," Tenenbaum said. "That's never been in the realm of things. I want them to listen to us as partners and that is what they have been unwilling to do."

The Planning Commission rejected QuikTrip’s original plan, but this newest plan with the compromises had enough support to get it to a vote Thursday.

City Council members will decide QuikTrip's fate on Westport Road.