Parents upset that summer ends, school begins on July 31st

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MARIETTA, Ga. — School starts in just two weeks at a school district in Georgia and parents are not thrilled. One person started a petition to move the July 31st start date for students in the Cobb County School District. It now has thousands of signatures.

The school board approved the calendar two years ago, saying it came down to simple math. They say they must meet the minimum requirements for the number of days school is in session.

Parents argue there has to be a better way. They propose taking away the week-long breaks scheduled for September and another in February, or stay in session longer into May.

They say it’s simply too hot to be on buses without air conditioning or for the schools’ sports teams to practice.

“I would rather it be a little later so we can have some more summer, but if not we can live with it” said one parent.