Alabama man says rude, profiling encounter at downtown KC hotel left him feeling unwelcome

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An Alabama man made scathing accusations against a popular, downtown Kansas City hotel. The disappointed visitor says a security guard repeatedly disrespected him because of his race, and the guest says he has it all on video.

Ahmed Dharani was in town for a software convention and says he won't be returning to Kansas City anytime soon. The business analyst says a security guard at the Crowne Plaza hotel called him names and racially profiled him when he tried to check into the hotel.

He said early on Tuesday morning he drove 12 hours from Birmingham to downtown Kansas City, and thought check-in at the Crowne Plaza would be quick.

"They knew I was coming in late. The card's ready, but once I got there they would not let me check in. They said their computers were down," he recalled.

Dharani says a female desk clerk told him the delay would last 10 to 15 minutes.

"I was really tired at this point so I couldn't get any straight answers. I thought she was incompetent. I just said 'let me just sit here and record your incompetence and see how long it takes,'" he said.

That's when the Alabama man says a security guard suddenly started yelling at him, and cursed at him.

"He used the F-word and something else. I did not lose my temper at any of those points. I stayed calm," Dharani said.

Dharani says the more he recorded the security guard with his cell phone, the more the guard stood in the hotel's lobby and disrespected him, and yelled discriminatory remarks at him.

The stunned man of Indian descent believed the guard was racially profiling him.

"This guy was telling me because my name's Ahmed I would get a gun and shoot him, like I don't own a gun. I didn't mention a gun," Dharani said. "I'm just like so shocked. I went to talk to my co-workers and they were really appalled.

"I felt like the behavior was outrageous and I don't know why there's so much anger," attorney Rebecca Randles said.

Randles also watched the video and is now investigating Dharani's allegations against the hotel.

"This isn't good for business. It's not good for Kansas City," she said.

After this story aired during FOX 4 News at 10 on Tuesday, Dharani called Robert Townsend to say thank you, and said he read on-line that the Crowne Plaza hotel officials had fired the security guard.