Driver explains why he punched woman’s mirror in Kansas City traffic incident caught on camera

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro man has lost his job after a driver caught him on camera punching her passenger mirror Tuesday.

FOX 4 first aired the story because the woman said she needed help identifying the man. He called FOX 4 Wednesday for the chance to tell his side of what happened.

The first thing Greg Clark offered Wednesday morning was an apology.

"I should not have punched her mirror. I shouldn't have done that," he said.

FOX 4 first showed you Jessica Welch's cell phone video Tuesday. She said she was doing the speed limit on Linwood near Main and has no clue why Clark got angry.

"I'm not 100% sure what he would say," she said.

Clark said Welch was going nearly double the speed limit, cut off another driver, and caused several cars to over correct.

"People saw her on TV as this poor little innocent victim. I saw her as 2,000 pounds of raging steel coming down a road at 55 miles an hour," Clark said.

He said he yelled at her through their windows at the light, but said Welch laughed, made gestures, and turned up her radio. He said that's when he got out of his truck, knocked on her window, and asked her if she realized she almost caused a wreck.

"She puts her phone up and she’s got that smug little look, and I’m like, really? I used some pretty profane syllables. I was seven kinds of pissed, I admit it. At that point, I just lost it. That left hook came out of nowhere and I killed her mirror," Clark said.

He said the worst part is that he was wearing an Ability KC T-shirt because he was the organization's building engineer.

"Every time that I’m at that building, I see people that are paralyzed that can’t walk or have lost limbs from people that drive just like that," he said.

Clark said he was also surprised to learn that Welch is a student in the medial field.

"I hope her teachers see this and realize you don’t have a whole lot of care and compassion there child," he said.

Welch said she shared the video because she wants to see safer roads.

"I hope that people become more aware of their actions, especially when they’re driving," she said.

Clark said he went to police, and he's also offered to pay for Welch's mirror. Clark said he was fired Wednesday from his job at The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City.