Expert weighs in on why it’s important to include things such as social media accounts in your will

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- August is national "Make A Will" month, but besides your property - what happens to your social media accounts when you pass on? Partner with Lathrop Gage, Courtney Conrad, explains why we all need a digital executor in the video player above.

Why Make a Will?

  • State law determines what happens to your property (and children) if you don’t have a will
  • Don’t forget your digital assets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails, online balances, etc.) and even frequent flyer miles
  • Consider who handles your affairs (financial & health care) while you are living if you are unable to do so

Why you need a will?

  • Court may decide who gets your children if you don’t have one.
  • People don’t think about their digital life living on without their control, also things like frequent flyer miles are lost if not designated
  • I’m not dead, but can’t make my own decisions due to a severe medical situation. Will my loved ones know what I want done?
  • What else should people consider when doing a will or estate plan? What’s the difference, which would I need?

If you have questions about creating your own will, you can contact Courtney here.