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Demonstrators picket for peace near Plaza in aftermath of Virginia violence

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KANSAS CITY, Mo - Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has caught the attention of many people across the nation. A group of demonstrators in Kansas City took to the streets on Saturday evening in response to those recent events.

" It’s unbelievable that it’s 2017 and we have people with Nazi Flags and White Supremacists out in our country and some of us just can’t take it and we’re here to show love," said Mary Lou Poskin. Poskin was among the crowd of demonstrators holding signs at the Plaza. She believes the protest was fueled by hatred, and that today’s political climate has contributed to escalating racial tensions across the country.

“It has everything to do with it, it's from the top down. For the first time in my life I did not vote republican in 2016 and I don't like where it's headed,” Poskin explained.

“There’s no room for hate in America. There is only room for equality that's it,” shared another demonstrator, Steve Johnson.

The entire demonstration was organized very quickly through facebook. An event called” KC Stands with Charolettesville against hate was created and shared many times across social media. Within hours of the event being created people had signs made and had arrived at the Plaza to demonstrate.