KCK mom who lost her son in a homicide starts group to fight crime, comfort others

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A group of women are coming together to make sure no mother in KCK has to go to their child’s homicide scene alone. The new foundation of mothers, called Mothers of the Village, is modeled after activist group Kansas City Mothers in Charge, who respond to homicide scenes in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jennifer Brown, who started the group, said she lost her son due to homicide in 2006. She said her son, Donta’ Gadison, had just turned 21 when he was shot and killed in KCK. She said she knows firsthand what it’s like to respond to your child’s homicide scene alone.

“I just don’t want another mother to feel that pain and to be alone,” Brown told FOX 4.

She said when people received the terrible news, often times the first place they rush is the scene. She said there’s been a need to a group like this in KCK for many years.

“As far as being a mother, being out there alone is so hard, and once they get into that shell it’s hard to come out,” she said.

Brown said it has taken her 10 years to feel strong enough to come out and start this group and fight against crime in her city.

The group of women are also teaming up with The Village Initiative Family Life Resource center on North 27th Street in KCK. The center aims to help ex-offenders and their families rebuild their lives. The center is able to help offer clothing, food, recovery programs and much more. Currently, the center needs clothing for children returning to school.

You can reach Jennifer Brown with Mothers of the Village at Jentyme16@yahoo.com. The center is located at 3004 North 27th Street, Kansas City, KS 66102.