Shawnee man $25,000 richer after Gallagher’s sixth inning Grand Slam

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Monday's game between the Kansas City Royals and the Oakland Athletics was memorable for two reasons. It was the first career home run for rookie catcher Cam Gallagher, and Shawnee resident Tim Brown won big money.

"I wasn’t sure at first until I heard the announcers go crazy," Brown, an accountant at a lawn service company, said. "I think he’ll always remember me because he won me $25,000 and that was his first home run in the bigs and it was a grand slam."

Brown was Monday's Sonic Slam Inning contestant. If a Royal hit a Grand Slam in their half of the sixth inning, Brown would win the $25,000 prize. But Brown didn't believe the odds were in his favor.

"I was hoping maybe somebody would hit a home run and I’d get $300 but really the thought of a grand slam was really… I said that would be great and nice but the odds were too far against it," he said.

With two outs and two strikes, Gallagher defied those odds and helped put the Royals up 6 to 1 but it also put Brown's bank account on another level.

"I’ll just set it in my bank and look at it for a while until I figure out what I’m going to do," Brown said, with a smile.

The Grand Slam was Gallagher's first career home run and it came at the perfect time.

"I came in after that inning I hit the home run and Drew came in and told me that. I was like 'oh well hopefully I can make someone else happy.' So it was nice," Gallagher said.

Brown said the first thing he is going to buy is a Gallagher jersey and hang it in his basement but he is extremely grateful for what the money will do for his wife and two young daughters.

"It definitely takes the stress off because both of us work 40 hours a week and both of our kids are in daycare at the same time. It’s a lot to peel off every month, that’s for sure. This definitely helps out," Brown said.

The Royals will present Brown with the check before Friday's home game against the Cleveland Indians.

An Overland Park woman won the Sonic Slam in 2013 off the bat of Lorenzo Cain.