KCK great-grandma ‘scared to leave her home’ after she’s grazed by bullets

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Someone was either sending a message or targeting a rival. Instead, the drive-by gunplay early Friday morning grazed a Kansas City, Kansas great-grandma with three bullets. The shooting happened near N. 15th and Freeman.

The great-grandma says the shooter fired at least 20 bullets into her house while the 77-year-old victim was asleep in her bed.

"The first shot that I hear, I thought it was just passing by. It hit me in the side. Then I hear another 'pop, pop.' I reach for the telephone," she said.

After getting grazed in her back and side by three bullets, the terrified, injured grandma immediately called 9-1-1. She says her son and daughter, who live with her, ran to comfort her before paramedics took her to the hospital.

The great-grandma didn't want FOX 4 to show her face because she's still shaking and afraid. Her bedroom walls, the windows to her two front doors, even the TV in her bedroom were all shot up during the drive-by shooting.

A tear rolled down the beloved grandma's face as she relived the horrible nightmare that happened in the place she's called home for nearly 50 years.

"I have done nothing to nobody. I have taken kids off the street into my home to sent them to school. I'm more hurt than anything because it just doesn't seem right. I would never do anything to hurt nobody," she said.

A police spokesman says officers believe the home was targeted, but right now investigators don't know why.  Nobody else was hurt during the shooting, police are still looking for the gunman.