Raytown residents fuming after vandals attack neighborhood

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- People living in one Raytown neighborhood woke up Saturday to find vandals spray painted their cars, street signs, and even slashed tires.

"Grow up. I mean, this is other people's property," said Xavier Vinson.

Vinson is excited to celebrate his sister's wedding.  But while staying with family in the Southwood area of Raytown, his cousin's car got vandalized.

"Just sucks. Can't believe someone would do something like that. Nice neighborhood. It doesn't make sense," said Vinson.

Around the corner, stop sign was tagged with the same "Book Gang" lettering, likely a play off a viral thread started by a Florida man who commits petty crime, then posts it on social media with the hashtag "Boonk Gang".

"It is real aggravating that you've got random people that go out and do things like this and vandalize stuff and there's no point in it. It's just people doing stupid things out there trying to get a joy from it," said Joey Sadler.

Sadler's van, his wife's car and their son's truck were all hit by the spray paint vandals. His son's truck also had a tire slashed.

"It's just like why?  Why did this happen to us?" said Sadler.

Thankfully a little Goof Off removed the paint. But his son's stuck buying a new tire. And the usually quiet neighbor is left to offer a message to whoever is out trying to stir up trouble.

"I'm like, what's the sense in it? Find something else to entertain yourself. Don't go around and vandalize someone else's property where it may ruin something," said Sadler.

The Sadlers did file a police report. If you know anything that can help catch whoever is responsible, contact Raytown Police.