Video shows line at Brookside toy store wrapping around the block for eclipse glasses

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Saturday morning, customers again stood in a long line at the Brookside Toy and Science store, 330 W 63rd St., to get their hands on solar eclipse glasses for sale.

The line was long Wednesday and Thursday, too, as the toy store stocked up on the glasses to meet the demand.

“People are waiting for solar eclipse glasses. It’s from the front door, all the way down the sidewalk, around the corner and up the full next block,” said the person who shot the video.

When FOX 4 tried to get on the toy store’s website, we received a message that too many others were trying to access it, too.

At last check, the store’s owner, Jim Ward,  was selling his glasses at $3.99 a pair but said the distributor keeps raising the prices.