Following football game marred by fights, parental supervision rule enacted at Park Hill

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Parents in the Park Hill School District will notice some changes at the district football stadium this Friday.

District officials cleared the stadium last Friday, with nine minutes remaining, after a series of fights during the Park Hill-Park Hill South game (Park Hill was leading 42-0).

Police reported seven fights but no arrests or serious injuries. As a result, the district will mandate adult supervision for all elementary and middle-school students at the stadium.

“Because this is not the norm in Park Hill, this is definitely something that we took very seriously,” said district spokesperson Nicole Kirby.

The policy change went out to parents Thursday afternoon, and reads:

"In order to make sure our district athletic events are safe and enjoyable for everyone, we have a new requirement. Any elementary or middle-school students who attend our high-school athletic events at Park Hill High School and Park Hill South High School must have an adult with them in order to enter our games. The adults must sit with the students and supervise them throughout the event.

Thank you for helping us make sure our games are safe, positive places for our students, staff and community members.”

In addition, the Park Hill District will have a total of 10 Platte County Sheriff’s Deputies providing security at the stadium, up from four officers last week.