Mark Alford gives Meteorologist Karli Ritter trouble as she explains why she’s wearing a Chiefs jersey on top of Patriots colors

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you were wondering why Meteorologist Karli Ritter was wearing her Kansas City Chiefs jersey over Patriots colors, you were not alone.

She says she got a lot of questions, many from Mark Alford, about her outfit and took to social media to explain her #OOTD or outfit of the day, as Instagram users call it.

In a video posted to her Instagram page, Karli explained that she was up all night dealing with a sick kiddo and slept through her alarm Thursday morning. The mom of two said as she ran out the door she grabbed the first dress she saw. That dress just happened to be Patriots colors.

Thankfully, she had a Chiefs jersey handy to toss on once she got to the station.

The entire time she is explaining this in her Instagram video, Mark makes funny faces in the background and gives her trouble. Watch the hilarious moment in the video below.


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